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SSRUS is here to help improve laboratory efficiency. Do you know where the laboratory efficiency is wasted? Laboratories are plagued with papers, papers, and more papers! Ask us for a Free Lab Assessment on efficiency improvement and of course support on all laboratory systems.
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Access your Centralized Inspection Management System – Anytime, Anywhere. Be connected to your work seamlessly. Enjoy faster and effective communication between departments. We work with various software providers to create a seamless enviornment.
Mobile Device ReadyAvoid all the boring and redundant paper work. Download Work Orders in Mobile Devices. Work Offline & Sync Data with Server when you get online. Capture Images and Signatures while you Inspect.Go Paperless. Our system allows for paperless calibration, online alerts, certificate generation and remote reviews.  This leads to data accuracy, audit trails availability and timely alerts – all with ease.

Deal away with all those piles of papers and carry your work in your Mobile or Tablet. SSRUS will provide a comprehensive Document Management System with Version Control and Role based access.

 Import/Create your present Inspection Tests with ease

 Mobile Device Support for Technicians who work Onsite

 Intelligent sync option for offline devices

 Real Time Updating of Data from Sites to Office

 Generate reports on the fly with less turnaround time

 Supports images in reports, click images using handheld devices

 Unlimited Users, Unlimited Checklists and Unlimited Inspections

 Save time and resources on Inspection duration and effort

 Efficient Customer Asset Inventory Management

Supports Calibration

 Cloud & On premise implementations possible

Go Online

 Access your Inspection Management System from Anywhere

 Faster and Effective communication between departments

 Centralized and Secured Data

Automated Workflow

 Manage Work Orders Online – anywhere, anytime

 Assign Work Orders to Technicians and track status

 Monitor Inspection Status real time

Checklist Builder

 Create and Manage your checklists

 Extended Checklist components support

Mobile Device Support

 Techs can download Work Orders in Mobile Devices

 Android and iOS Support

 Work Offline & Sync Data with Server when you get online
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Laboratory move / relocation and related documentation

 Need to relocate your lab? Do you have a new facility that needs to be qualified? SSRUS will manage laboratory relocation or set up your new laboratory from water and utilities calibration, qualification, purchasing, commissioning, installation of all new equipment, and train on all systems and on 21 CFR Part 11 compliance.

Beyond LCSSRUS is committed to setting up the user administration rights so that your lab can operate in compliance with FDA regulations. We do a complete, comprehensive job from beginning to the absolute end and we even provide FOLLOW-UP service……SSRUS is here for you every step of the way 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Laboratories today are facing new pressures, with increased regulatory demands requiring validation on every analytical test method used and validity of tests. Not only must the correct result be obtained, but proof must also be provided for its fitness for purpose, validity and accuracy.

Irrespective of whether your laboratory is involved in analytical chemistry, life sciences, biotechnology, the clinical or pharmaceutical industries, the correct performance of your instruments and equipment is crucial. The accuracy of your results is essential to managing risk, and maintaining your reputation and service levels.

Paperless lab

Why SSRUS: Flexible yet CompliantMany laboratories use the OEM protocols for qualification which are not suitable for your methods due to the lack of flexibility. As with most OEM protocols, the testing parameters are fixed and only provided qualification for a relatively narrow operating range that do not necessarily correlate to your operating range. This results in the need for additional testing on each system to ensure compliance, creating extra work that affected overall productivity. Thanks to the SSRUS qualification solution this is no longer an issue.Economy with Efficiency – Did we say compliant too?Unlike many OEM protocols, the SSRUS protocols are inherently flexible and provide for testing throughout an instrument’s entire operational range. This allows scope to tailor the qualification parameters to your exact requirements; ensuring that the entire operational range of instruments is qualified. This built-in flexibility allows for testing parameters and user requirements to be easily harmonized, thereby further reducing the risk of non-compliance.

Going Beyond Chromatography

The qualification solution is truly a compliance system for the entire laboratory and it extends far beyond chromatography systems. The benefit of this flexible and robust approach to qualification covers scientific instrument and general laboratory equipment technologies, such as dissolution apparatus and autoclaves. In fact, SSRUS supports VMP updates, calibrations, temperature mapping of a refrigerator, further harmonizing the qualification documentation, reducing compliance risk and helping maintain a high level of productivity. FDA, USP, EMA, ICH regulations all require that analytical equipment is qualified.

Key Benefits of SSRUS

 Reduced risk of non-compliance using the metrology based approach to qualification.

 Compliance assured across the operational range as customizable protocols allows testing to client specific parameters.

 Continual alignment of protocols to changing Pharmacopeia requirements, reducing the risk of non- compliance.

 Harmonized documentation across multiple vendors and technologies; traceable and standardized for


 Reduced equipment downtime as maintenance and qualification can now be performed by a single provider.

SSRUS delivers solutions based on your needs. We can deliver solutions to meet small needs like calibration or qualification or whole lab qualification or laboratory moves including complete project management.

Areas in laboratory where SSRUS can help you are:

IQ / OQ / PQ of laboratory equipment
Laboratory move / relocation and related documentation
21CFR part 11 compliance related work for laboratory equipment