Our Story

Scientific Solutions’ R Us - “Leave your problems with Us”

Scientific Solutions’ R Us can provide your organization with a full range of technical and professional resources and services from various backgrounds including engineering, pharmacy, validation, calibration, computerized systems, biotechnology, chemistry, consulting, workshops, preventive maintenance, repairs, temperature mapping, training and troubleshooting. SSRUs will be a single source provider of extensive industry and technical experience that focuses on Quality first.

Our solutions will be efficient, cost-effective, and repeatable. SS “R” Us will offer in-person, online, and simulated training programs that increase operational effectiveness, analytic rigor, cost-savings, and long-term learning.

SS “R” Us will provide cost-effective logistics and technical support, procurement, equipment maintenance and repair.SS”R” Us will provide engineering and validation experts the tools and expertise to help businesses maintain and manage widely-dispersed assets through consulting, asset management (qualification, preventive maintenance and calibration), online services, and network solutions. We also provide system integration solutions (Laboratory and manufacturing systems) that can take any enterprise to the next level.  Quality Lab and Manufacturing Systems includes (HPLC, GC, NIR, FTIR, dissolution, etc.) and corresponding software (EMPOWER, MES, SCADA, ISPC etc).

SS “R” Us interdisciplinary approach to validation and engineering focuses first on the problem. We define our customer’s needs and required functionality early in the development cycle and then integrate the appropriate technologies, hardware (equipment), and processes from across a variety of disciplines to achieve the desired outcome. SS “R” Us will focus on improved product quality and lowered production costs. With well-defined, end-to-end processes and tools, SS “R” Us takes advantage of high-value collaboration opportunities between engineering disciplines to design across product lines, enable design reuse, reduce inconsistencies and potential quality problems, and decrease validation, engineering, manufacturing, and service costs.

Scientific Solutions “R” Us best-value services, good manufacturing practices (GMP), good documentation practices (GDP), good laboratory practices (GLP), scientific resourcefulness, and sheer passion for problem-solving will allow Us to continually exceed expectations.

Scientific Solutions’ R Us will be accountable for everything we do, or fail to do. We will take ownership of our actions and make a positive commitment to avoid ethical lapses. Our accountability is key to the success of SS “R” Us and our customers.  We begin with the assumption that everyone is doing his or her best and is doing the right thing. Openness, fairness, and honesty in our interactions lead to our collective success. Mutual trust is earned through developing personal relationships and demonstrated behavior, and together we will earn the trust of our customers.

Scientific Solutions “R” Us culture will be built upon the strengths, initiative, and dedication of our people (employees, contractors, consultants). We will treat people with respect, courtesy, honesty, and fairness. We will value diversity, including skills, experiences, and perspectives.  We hope our work makes a difference and deserves our very best efforts. We accept our professional responsibility to uphold the ethics and highest standards; commitments are taken seriously. We wish to meet or surpass obligations to customers. We take initiative in meeting challenges and take pride in our accomplishments. Our customers’ satisfaction will be our highest priority.Our ability to continually develop new and better ways to meet customer needs, will make our name synonymous with superior customer service. From the beginning, we will focus on providing customers with a level of service that keeps them coming back. To maintain that focus, we will hire smart, motivated men and women into our Employee/Contractor/Consultant Training Program. SS “R” Us will train them thoroughly and from the day they become front-lineemployees/contractors/consultants, we willtie their career advancement directly to their success in completely satisfying customers.